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" Ich wollte mich nur bei Ihnen bedanken - die Lieferung war perfekt. Wunderschöne Rosen und eine glpckliche Dame! Danke schön! Ihr Jason "
04. Dezember 2019 - Jason H., New York, NY, USA

The service provided is outstanding in every aspect. Not only this is a truly professional service, but the dedication and the client service is amazing as well as the products quality. Thanks a lot for your excellent job!!!!!!

01. November 2019 - Emmanuel G, Brussels

Amazing service the kept me up to date every step of the journey. As soon as there was a problem ie. Wrong address and wrong contact number, they gotin touch with me to resolve it. They couldn't find the address the first time and no one answered their call, so they asked for more help from me and i just sent a photo of the building door and explained the situation of the building. Next thing i know the flowers were delivered within the hour. Great service, will use them again.

16. August 2019 - Lestyn Evan Lewis, Denbighshire, UK

Всегда очень приятно сотрудничать.Прекрасное отношение к клиентам , замечательное качество обслуживания и прекрасные цветы!

30. Juli 2019 - Владимир Бердичевский, Hannover, Germany

The most amazing service ! Fast and top quality ,re-order by email! Easy and so quick .... response super fast ,very polite and professional team! Well done guys !highly recommended!!

25. Juni 2019 - George N, Chersonissos, Greece

I first applied to the some days ago to give flowers to my daughter, who lives in a different state of America, on her birthday. My order was not only promptly executed, but also, at my special request, the hour of presenting the gift was changed: instead of the originally declared time, my gift was handed much earlier. I am very much obliged to the for such courtesy. Thank you so much, RussianFlora!

21. Mai 2019 - Yury Rovenskiy, MD, PhD., West Hollywood, CA - USA

Excelente servicio y asesoría para el envío se recibió muy a tiempo sin mayor problema seguro y confiable el servicio.

20. April 2019 - Miguel Angel Murillo, Querétaro Querétaro, Mexico

Un ramo espectacular,una flores hermosas frescas.La entrega perfecta,en su dia su hora y a la persona.Lo mejor de todo,me ayudaron y localizaron el domicilio de la persona del envio con unos datos que me pidieron.Osea todo genial hasta la ayuda para dar con el domicilio del receptor. Encantado. Repetire.

19. April 2019 - Fernando Garcia Fernandez, Sevilla, Spain

RussianFlora is undeniably one of the best companies I have ever encountered for excellent customer service. I've used them several times and their inventory is fresh and delivered on time. In a recent delivery my note happened to be misplaced and when asked I brought it to their attention. They not only delivered my note but also included a beautiful fresh rose as a gift at no cost to me. if you are looking for a company that delivers an excellent product and follows up with excellent service RussianFlora should be your choice!

08. April 2019 - Brian Durtschi, Mount Horeb, WI - USA
"Perfekter Service von Russian Flora! Ich war wirklich beeindruckt nicht nur von zahlreichen Bestätigungen meiner Bestellung und von unikalem Verfahren von Russian Flora, um zu prüfen, ob die Lieferperson kein Scammer ist, sondern auch von den Geschenkartikel, die meine Dame bekommen hat. Heute habe ich ein digitales Photo von meiner Dame bekommen, wo sie mir das Geschenk zeigt, das sie gerade bekommen hat. Es war ein großes Lächeln auf ihrem Gesicht und ich war begeistert von der Qualität gelieferter Geschenke. Stellen Sie sich vor - eine Solo Rose wirkt eher wie ein kleiner Baum! Total begeistert!!!! "
26. Februar 2019 - Michael C., Liechtenstein